01 augusti 2009

Obamas öde styrs inte av sjukvårdsförsäkringen

Mike Allen skriver i sin mycket lästa kolumn Playbook på Politico.com följande tänkvärda kortanalys den 31 juli:

"PLAYBOOK FACTS OF LIFE — Don’t fall for this mindless construct — which you’re bound to hear again and again in August — that the Obama presidency hangs on health care. If you look at this volatile world, and consider the sweep of history, the idea that Barack Obama will be defined by a baffling, incremental health care bill is a joke. This presidency has a much better chance of being about Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or something that hasn’t happened yet or that we’re not thinking of. So far, President Obama’s sentence (Noonan homage) is that he staved off a depression, made Americans feel better about themselves, improved our image abroad, pulled back in Iraq, pushed forward in Afghanistan and continued the course toward trillion-dollar deficits."

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